Jacketed Gaskets

We are amongst the prominent exporters, traders and suppliers of exceptional quality Jacketed Gaskets. These gaskets are used for boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, flue stacks etc. Further, these gaskets support to prevent excessive distortion of light weight flange. These Jacketed Gaskets are available in various specifications as per the requirements of the customers.


  • Heat resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Smooth texture
  • Fine finish

Other information

The jacket metal thickness shall be a minimum of 0.38mm (0.015in). The filler thickness shall be a minimum of 15mm (0.06in).

There are many different styles of jacketed gaskets available. The following is a selection of the most commonly used styles.

The single jacket gasket with soft filler protects both edges of filler material. This gasket is generally used for applications where narrow width is required. It is an economical answer to many gasket needs. Single Jacketed gaskets are available with corrugated metal fillers.

The double jacket gasket offer complete protection of the filler material. There is practical no diameter limitation with greater compressibility and resilience than a similar solid metal gasket. This gasket provides even support by the use of the overlapped jacket on the inside and outside diameters.

The double jacket corrugated has increased resilience with the benefits of number of seal points. If a small leakage occurs across the inside edge, the corrugations act as separate seals under moderate and even bolt loads.