Stud Bolts

We are the prominent Suppliers and Exporter of chief types of industrial fasteners. These industrial fasteners are finished products of high class raw materials like stainless steel, alloy steel, nickel alloys and non-ferrous materials. The steel and metal fasteners have exceptional oxidization resistant, durability, reliability and precision. Extensively usage across numerous industries, our alloy and metal fasteners adapt to the high quality standards such as ASTM, DIN, ANSI, BS, etc.

Stud Bolts are used as a threaded fastener, with a head, designed to be used with a nut. Stud Bolts are a sensible and easy way of securing piping, tubes and hoses in all industrial applications. They are designed to be used for mounting of pipes to the walls or fastening piping components.

We store B7’s B16’s and various grades of b8’s in a variety of lengths, and can supply cut-to-order studs immediately in special sizes. We supply B6, B7, B8, B55 stud bolt both individually and assembled with ASTM A194 2H heavy Hex Nuts. The ASTM A193 B7 studs   are our most common fastener process piping applications in the OIL&GAS and petrochemical sectors, and are commonly used in bolted connections such as pressure vessels, exchangers, valves, flanges and fittings.

Types of Stud Bolt we offer

Hex Head Bolt

Socket Cap Screw

Carriage Bolt

Flange Bolt

Elevator Bolt

Anchor bolt

Eye bolt

Plow bolt

Draw bolt

Stove Bolt

Tap bolt

Machine Bolt

Grub screw

Set screw


Hanger bolt

Step bolt

U bolt

J bolt