Aluminium Anodes

  1. Aluminium anodes can be utilized for the defence of tanks and ship structures. They additionally have a particular application in the shield of subsea pipelines, oil apparatuses and submersibles.
  2. The electrochemical recital of aluminium sorts it as an attractive galvanic anode material, particularly in low resistivity usage such as seawater.
  3. Aluminium’s lower driving potential and high current capacity per pound make it optimal for comprehensive life saline cathodic protection systems.
  4. Aluminum anodes shall exhibit closed circuit potential, when immersed in “sea water” at ambient temperature, of 1050 mV with reference to Ag/AgCl electrode.
  5. Aluminum anodes shall conform to the following composition:
      Zinc  2.5 to 5.75%
      Iron  < 0.09%
      Silica  < 0.12%
      Copper  < 0.003%
      Indium  0.015 0.040%
      Cadmium  < 0.002%
      Aluminium  Balance

In addition to the standard compositions mentioned above, Transcend also provides to other compositions to suit the requirements of various sites, structures and environment.