Magnesium Anodes

  1. Magnesium anodes are lucrative, when used on land where high driving potentials mark it appropriate for high resistivity soils and in saline water & coastal body locations, mixture of salt and fresh water also gives high resistivity.
  2. Magnesium anodes shows an open circuit potential, at Temperature of – 1700 mV or more negative with reference to a Cu/CuSO4 Electrode in soil.
  3. Magnesium anodes for soil application shall conform to the following Composition:
      Copper  -0.02% Maximum
     Aluminium  -0.01% Maximum
      Iron  -0.03% Maximum
     Silica  -0.05% Maximum
     Manganese  -0.5 to 1.3%
     Nickel  -0.001% Maximum
     Magnesium  Balance

Anodes for suppressed structures 

The anodes for suppressed pipelines, tanks & etc are usually supplied bundled in a cotton bag containing a quick wetting, moisture-absorbent backfill, which decreases the electrolyte resistivity in line to the anode, enhanced results.