Zinc Anode

  1. Zinc anodes for cathodic protection are cast from pure zinc (99.995 %) with aluminium and silicon to combat impurities and cadmium to give constant dissolution with loose dispersible corrosion products.
  2. Zinc anodes show an open circuit potential, at temperature -1100 mV or move negative in reference to a Cu/CuSO4 Electrode.
  3. Zinc anodes for soil and freshwater application shall conform  to the following Composition :
     Aluminium  -0.005% Maximum
     Copper  -0.002% Maximum
     Iron  -0.0014% Maximum
     Lead  -0.003% Maximum
     Cadmium  -0.003% Maximum
     Zinc  Balance
  4. Zinc anodes for sea water application shall conform to the following Compsition:
     Aluminium-0.10 to 0.50% Maximum
     Copper-0.005% Maximum
     Lead  – 0.006% Maximum
     Zinc  Balance